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Side Dish Recipes

Whether you enjoy baking up sweet treats or cooking savory eats our recipes are tested and ready for you to enjoy!

Cooking, Side Dish, Semi-homemade

Mango Slaw

10 mins


Our mango slaw recipe consists of a doctored up pre-made mango slaw for nights when you just don't feel like all the effort of scratch.

Cooking, Side Dish

Pizzeria Caesar Salad

10 mins

6-8 side salads

Our pizzeria Caesar salad recipe is delicious and perfect paired with our homemade pizza!

Side Dish

Potato Salad

20 mins

3 serving.

Our potato salad recipe using the microwave to make quick work out of cooking the potatoes!

Cooking, Side Dish

Sage Butternut Squash



This dish is perfect for fall and winter as a side. Its one of the recipes featured in our Winter gnocchi class and even makes a delicious Thanksgiving side dish.

Cooking, Side Dish

Texas Beef Casserole

20 mins

(1) 2 quart casserole

Our Texas beef casserole recipe is a beefed-up chili and rice casserole loaded with onions and green pepper.

Cooking, Side Dish

Fresh Mango Shrimp Salad

15 mins

4 servings

Light and refreshing mango and shrimp salad.

Savory, Cooking, Side Dish, Appetizer

Zucchini with Caramelized Onion Gratin

20 mins

1 Gratin

Learn how to make a mouth watering zucchini gratin with caramelized onions, perfect for anytime of the year.

Cooking, Side Dish

Balsamic Glazed Asparagus

10 mins


Balsamic glaze brings out the flavor in fresh asparagus. Grill it on the barbecue or roast in the oven. Finish with slices of fresh lemon.

Cooking, Appetizer, Side Dish

Air Fryer Zucchini Fries

20 mins


Super crispy zucchini fries made in your air fryer!

Appetizer, Cooking, Side Dish

Asparagus Wraps

10 mins


Phyllo dough wrapped asparagus with brie cheese make an easy appetizer for anytime of the year!

Cooking, Side Dish

Au Gratin Potatoes

10 mins

6-8 servings

Our au gratin potatoes are versatile, extra cheesy and easy to make.

Cooking, Side Dish

Basil Bow-tie Pasta Salad

20 mins

4-6 servings

A super easy pasta that doubles as a salad or a hot main dish.

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