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Brownie & Bar Recipes

Whether you enjoy baking up sweet treats or cooking savory eats our recipes are tested and ready for you to enjoy!

Baking, Dessert, Filling

Streusel Topping

5 mins

1 cup

Delicious on pies, tarts, muffins and much more!

Dessert, Baking, Cookies

Caramel Cheesecake Bar

20 mins

1 pan

Turn a classic cheesecake dessert into a delicious bar with caramel goodness.


Blonde Chocolate Chip Brownies

15 mins

6-9 pieces

Delicious and moist blonde brownies filled with dark and milk chocolate chips.


Cocoa Brownies

15 mins

12 to 16 pieces

Delicious fudgy brownies made with cocoa powder.


Semi-Homemade Brownie Bites

15 mins

2 dozen

Our tasty brownie bites recipe is super easy to make and it's a project you can do with your kids. The plus side is they get to brag to their friends about their creations!


Lemon Squares

10 mins

15x10x2 pan

Our lemon square recipe is easy to make and satisfies the lemon lover!


Cranberry Orange Bliss Bars

15 mins

9x13 pan

A cranberry dessert bar topped with a drizzle of white chocolate icing.


Chocolate Cinnamon Spice Blondes (Low Sugar)

15 mins

9-12 servings

A super moist and delicious blonde brownie full of flavor.

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