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Baking, decorating and cooking is an art. One that allows you to be creative. For me, it's my passion. I love the way a cake smells baking in the oven. I love how it can be transformed when you pick up a pastry bag and begin piping. I love picking out fresh herbs from the garden and adding a "little of this" or a "little of that" to make the most delicious savory combinations imaginable. Even better is watching my guests face light up when they take a bite of my perfectly cooked shrimp risotto or close their eyes and savory the silkiness of a mouse or creme brûlée dessert!

The goal of Epicurean Delights is to be your lifestyle partner in crime! Giving you inspiration, confidence and reassurance to create yummy sweet or savory dishes, style and plan the perfect celebration and to help educate you on all things delicious. From e-learning videos, to maker ideas and recipes, to throwing the perfect get together, you will find a wealth of resources and knowledge at your finger tips. The best part? You get to network and share your lifestyle creations with others through our interactive site and get the support you need in a collaborative environment.

I have curated how-to's, advice and resource assistance from some of the top folks around the country. Stay connected with me via our blog, private member forum, site live streams, e-learning videos and hands on workshops. Regardless of your skill level we are here to help you create, educate and celebrate!

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I'm looking forward to creating with you!


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