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Grilling the Perfect Flank Steak

Summer is officially upon us and its time to break out the steel wool brush and get that grill into grilling shape! We have a number of delicious recipes perfect for the grill and they are easier than you think to make! Let's start off with talking about how to grill the perfect flank steak!

How do you achieve the perfect flank steak?

We know, we know, grilling can be a challenge. You worry about over cooking your steak or under cooking it but grilling really can be simplified! The best piece of advise we can give you is to invest in a wired meat thermometer with a probe. It's a grilling game changer and will give you the perfect steak every time. The wired thermometer type will allow you to keep the probe in and connected to the monitoring unit the entire time it's cooking. You can use it with your outside grill as well as in your oven. Most you can set depending on how rare or how done you like your steak to be.

How do I know what temperature to cook my flank steak to?

If you like your steak medium rare we find that pulling it off the grill or out of the oven at 145F degrees and allowing it to rest for 10-15 mins leaves just enough pink to be satisfied. You see, as the steak rests the residual heat continues to cook before slowly cooling down. If your desired temperature is say, 150F degrees, if you take it out at 143F-145F degrees it will come up to the desired temperature during the resting period giving you the steak you desire! But that's not the only reason it's good to let your steak rest.

So, why do you let a flank steak rest?

If you cut into your steak with out letting it rest you run the risk of loosing all the juices. By allowing it to rest you are allowing the juices the time they need to redistribute, otherwise they will flow away, leaving you with a dry steak. No body wants that, especially when certain cuts of beef are more expensive than others.

If you use a meat thermometer and let your steak rest, you will have the perfect steak every time. Try grilling up our Chimichurri Flank Steak, we promise you will not be disappointed by this South American and Mexican inspired steak. We even have a video grill recipe for this delicious dish, where Chef Michele walks you through the recipes, as well as using your grill and a meat thermometer to grill a perfect flank steak. The meat thermometer Michele uses in the video recipe can be found here: ThermoPro TP-17 Dual Probe Digital Cooking Meat Thermometer Large LCD Backlight Food Grill Thermometer with Timer Mode for Smoker Kitchen Oven BBQ, Silver available at Walmart

Where the heck do I find a meat thermometer with a probe?

Here is or round-up of the meat thermometers that work well for grilling the perfect steak and where you can purchase them. We've included multiple companies and prices points to help you find one that fits your budget. Just click on the link to go to their website:

Happy Grilling!


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