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Grilling Marinated Steak

My marinated steak recipe is so good and so easy to prep you will want to make this all year round.

I'm not a huge beef eater but now and again I love a good steak. I particularly like marinated flank steak or London Broil, just depends on what the meat market near me has available. If I can buy from a local butcher I will, otherwise I will buy flank or London Broil from Costco. They actually have good cuts of meat at great prices, so if you are entertaining, this is the more cost effective route to take in my opinion. I also love left over steak! Its great in salads the next day!

I never used to be confident when it came to grilling steak outside. Inside not a problem, but outside was always a little scary. That all changed when I bought a $20 meat probe thermometer. My angst over grilling disappeared and my life has forever changed! Now I'm a confident grill girl! The only down side is that there typically isn't any left overs for those salads! My family gobbles it up!

I've created a video for you that will walk you through my marinade and how I grill the perfect steak every time! If you are a beef lover try this recipe!


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