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Garden Party Cookies

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Class Details

This class covers a number of techniques and cookie themes. In the first chapter learn to create 12 different styles of cookies! You will learn the in's and out's of making meringue powder royal icing; including the right consistency for outline and flooding your cookies. You will also learn how to:

  • How to plan out your colors and find inspiration.

  • Color your icing and how to pick the right colors for your cookies.

  • How to outline and flood your cookies using three different consistencies of icing.

  • How to marble, inlay, create patterns and shapes using the wet on wet technique.

  • How to do brush embroidery on your cookies.

  • How to create fun patterns and textures on your cookies including a woven look and using sprinkles.

  • How to over pipe on your cookies to make them really pop as well as how to pressure pipe figures.

  • How to create royal icing transfers to help speed up production and consistency with your cookies and how to apply your royal icing transfers to your cookies.

  • How to create borders to your cookies to create a polished look.

Recipes Included:

  • No Spread Sugar Cookies

  • Egg White Royal Icing

  • Meringue Poweder Royal Icing

Supply Items Needed:

  • Equipment and supply list provided on the class page.

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