Do-It-Yourself Bumble Bee Treat Kit


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What you are making:

This kit provides a multitude of options from cookie decorating to cupcakes.

Your kit contains:
  • Kit Includes:

  • 1 - Cookie Cutter of choice

  • 1 - Sheet of edible images

  • 6 - 3” or 2" Edible Stickers

  • 6  - Scalloped Baking Cups

  • 6 - Sugar Decorations

  • 3 - Packs of sprinkles

  • 1 - Pair Craft Scissors

  • Downloadable Recipe cards for Cake, Cupcakes, Cookies, Frostings and more!

  • Access to step by step video treat tutorials for cookies, cake, doughnuts and candy.

  • Access to downloadable decorating templates.

  • Live Streams with Michele showing you new project ideas using your treat kit.

  1. Watch the video for instructions!


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