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8 Good Eats for Easter

Easter is around the corner and we have rounded up some of our favorite sweet and savory recipes, along with some treats that will leave your guest saying "how did you do that"!?

Our cast iron skillet potatoes are so easy to make and practically make themself, freeing you up to focus on other things in the kitchen. The use of a cast iron pan helps to bake these babies to perfection, with a nice crispy, golden brown, delicious crust! Check out the recipe and free video tutorial!

Click the image to go to the recipe video page!

Growing up we always had cake on Easter Sunday. My mom would create a big bunny head out of two 9" cake rounds, ice them and then decorate them with lots of candy and colored coconut. I've updated this childhood classic, using a bunny head cake pan from wilton and decorating the entire cake using a star tip, and a round tip. This is a great project for kids! Especially those just starting to take an interest in cake decorating, as the piping techniques are very basic with huge impact!

Click the image for the full free video how-to, supplies and recipe.

My easy focaccia bread is delicious with virtually any type of herb on it. You can get creative with decorating your focaccia using fresh herbs, sliced tomatoes, and thinly sliced bell peppers to create food art! It also goes great with Easter ham! Left over ham and focaccia make a great snack sandwich too!

Click on the image for the full free video how-to and recipe.

Our royal icing Easter and Spring inspired video on demand class, is packed with lots of tips and trips for creating decorated cookies.

Chef Michele will walk you through making egg white royal icing, outlining your cookies along with flooding them. She will also show you how to stamp on cookies and how to sponge paint on them. Michele also teach you how to use stencils and create your own royal icing transfers. You will never buy and icing decoration at the grocery store or craft store again once you learn how to make your own! Click image to go to the class!

Our au gratin potatoes are versatile and super easy to make. Serve as a side to your Easter ham and accompany it with a fresh green salad or grilled veggie. These extra cheesy, creamy potatoes will be a fast favorite for anytime of the year.

Click image to get the recipe now!

Looking for a quick and easy Easter dessert cake? Look no more! This semi-homemade cake's got you covered with the use of a cake mix for those of us with limited time on our hands! The edible marshmallow kabobs are store bought and can be made with marshmallow peeps and skewers if you can't find the Easter Kabobs.

The ganache is made with melted candy melts and water! What?!!! Water??? Yep! Learn how to make Michele's easy water ganache!

Click the image to go to the video tutorial!

Those looking for Easter brunch options check out our Angel Food French Toast. It's so delicious! It's super light but has that yummy French toast crust. Whip up some fresh vanilla bean whipped cream and top with fresh strawberries!

Quick, easy and delicious! Click the image for the video recipe and recipe card!

#8 Giant Easter Egg Carved Cake

Looking for the ultimate dessert? Our Giant Easter egg carved cake defy's gravity and has maximum wow factor. It makes a great centerpiece, plus the kids like all the decorations!

This cake uses the Wilton Wonder Mold cake pan (you know the one that makes those barbie doll dress cakes) and its much easier than you might think to assemble.

Enjoy your good eats and sweet treats this Easter!


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