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Winter Gnocchi Class

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Class Details

Gnocchi are yummy small soft potato pasta-like dumplings. We'll make classic gnocchi with a seasonal sauce. This is a hearty dish for wet cold winter weather! You'll receive class recipes, learn how to make gnocchi dough, shape gnocchi, make a delicious brown butter sauce and a winter vegetable side dish!


We offer this class two ways! Self Paced or join us for a live zoom class. Live Zoom classes require purchasing a class seat and are not part of a Monthly or Annual Plan site plan.

Self Paced details: 

Simply purchase a membership plan and log in to take the class at your leisure.


Zoom Class details:

You'll receive an ingredient list, class recipes, access to the prep videos and all other class videos. Each class is a password-protected Zoom session and you’ll receive an email directly from the instructor with a session ID and password 30 minutes prior to your class. Click here to view our current live zoom class schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions

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FAQ: What does the class cover?

Most classes have a free preview video. This will give you an idea about the class and what you will be creating. In addition, the video preview page includes a class curriculum with lessons, topics covered and video lengths.

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