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Michele first picked up a pastry bag at the age of 6 and spent many summers as a child in the bakery watching her mother create works of art. She is a 4th generation baker and 2nd generation cake decorator. 

While cooking, baking and sugar art have always been a part of her life, it wasn’t her first career. She has built some of the most recognized brands in online recruiting as a Marketing and Product Development guru. These skills have helped her launch a successful business and product line.

Michele has a degree in Multimedia Design & Production. She has specialty certifications in User Centered Design, Web, Mobile and Video Production from Lake Washington Institute of Technology in Seattle, WA.


Michele has a secondary education in baking, pastry and confectionary art. She's a graduate of the internationally acclaimed Wilton School of Cake Decorating and Confectionery Art in Chicago, IL, a former Wilton Method Instructor and an International Cake Exploration Society (ICES) approved teacher.


Her training and education include Chez Boucher Culinary School in New England as well as an extensive education with some of the top chefs and confectionary art teachers in the country; including Chef Nicolas Lodge, Colette Peters, and Kathleen Lange.


Michele is a member of the International Federation of Pastry Gelato & Chocolate (FIPGC) and a 2019 FIPGC Coach for the Cake Designers World Championship, held every two years in Milan, Italy.

Michele's work has won several awards, and has been featured on a number of sites and publications such as Craftsy, Satin Ice, Lucks, Icing Images, ICES Magazine, American Cake Decorating Magazine and Edible Artist Network Magazine. She has also been featured on the Food Network as a competitor on Cake Wars Christmas.


Michele is equally passionate about teaching as she is about creating innovative products for the culinary art industry. 

You can find Michele's current teaching schedule under the "Hands on Classes" tab. She teaches classes regularly in the greater Seattle area at the Redmond Art Studio and North Seattle College. She is also available for private classes, group classes, in-store bakery training and team building events.

She can be reached at:


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