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Valentine Heart Cookie Class

Class Details

In this class we are making a set of heart themed cookies. Templates for each cookie have been provided on the members page along with a complete supply list. 

Whether you are joining this class as a self paced (On Demand) or as a live zoom class you will find all class videos at the top of this page. We recommend that you watch them in order the first time through.

If you have questions pertaining to this class, use the "Questions" button to post your question in the class forum area. Your instructor will respond. This will also let other students see your questions and allow us to share information that maybe helpful to others.​​

We offer this class two ways! Self Paced or join us for a live zoom class. Live Zoom classes require purchasing a class seat and are not part of a Monthly or Annual Plan site plan.

Self Paced Details

Simply purchase a membership plan and log in to take the class at your leisure. If you already have a membership plan, depending your plan details the system will give you access according to those plan details.


Zoom Class Details

If you are taking this class as a live Zoom Class or a Private Zoom class, you'll receive an ingredient list, class recipes, access to the prep videos and all other class videos. Each class is a password-protected Zoom session and you’ll receive an email directly from the instructor with a session ID and password 30 minutes prior to your class. Click here to view our current live zoom class schedule.


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