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Summer Pies: Blackberry Cream

This pie recipe gives me all the feels of family, from its delicious crust to is creamy blackberry filling.

I have a secret confession...I may be known for my artful cakes but I'm actually a pie lover. Don't get me wrong I like cake, (pink champagne is my favorite) but I really love my Grandma's blackberry cream pie. So much that almost every year I have it for my birthday. My Mom usually makes it for me and it's the perfect summer pie. It's super easy to make with only a few ingredients.

It's another one of those recipes that my Grandma handed down to my mom and Mom handed down to me.

People are always so surprised at how simple the filling is to make with just four ingredients; heavy cream, sugar, cornstarch and fresh blackberries.

Since I have to make pie crust for this recipe its a good excuse for me to double the recipe just so I can make another childhood favorite -- pie crust cookies. If you've never had pie crust cookies before you need to try them! Simply roll the pie dough out, spread butter on it, cut it with a pizza cutter, sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar and bake. Sooooo good! You can find the recipe for our pie crust cookies here: Pie Crust Cookie Recipe

Back to the pie..if blackberries are not in season you can use raspberries or even blueberries. Be sure to check out Jr. Chef Rylans tutorial on making this pie with decorative pie crust flowers for an artful twist.

Click for Full Pie Recipe or Floral Pie Crust Tutorial We also have an entire course dedicated to pie crust dough and recipes where you will find 7 different types of crust you can make for both sweet and savory.

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