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Fall is here!

Fall is here and my Salted Caramel Apple Pie Class is the perfect way to welcome the season change!

The kids are back in school and fall has officially started! It's the perfect time to enroll in my new pie class! I'm excited to share with you all the ins and outs to making the perfect pie, including a beautiful lattice top pie crust!

There are 10 videos in this online class, which includes a comprehensive Pie Crust 101 guide. You also receive all seven of my pie crust recipes, many that have been in my family for generations!

Additionally, the course also includes ten pie/tart recipes that feature many of those pie crusts!

And lastly, we have a bonus video on what you can do in the event you have a pie catastrophe! Our advice? Don't throw it away, let us show you our clever way for turning an epic-fail into an epicurean delight! Preview the class here now!

We've also made this class accessible two ways:

  1. Current Paid Members If you are a paid monthly or annual subscriber, log into your account and click here to begin watching the class.

  2. Purchase Access to Video Only If you do not wish to become a site paid member no worries! You can purchase access to just this class. If you wish to purchase access to the video only, you will find this class, and a number of others on our Paid Plans page. Click here to go to our Paid Plans page. Scroll to the Pie Baking Class and select "Buy this Plan". Once you've purchased this plan you will have access to all the pages in this class including the recipe cards!

We have many delicious fall recipes on the site so be sure to head over to the recipe page to check out what we've got cooking over there!

Happy Fall Ya'all and Happy Baking!


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