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3 Ways to Decorate Christmas Cookies!

In this blog, you’ll find how-to videos for cookies that look as amazing as they taste!

Our beautiful Christmas trees and snowflakes, along with our colorful Christmas light bulbs, will add a kaleidoscope of colors and sparkle to your Christmas cookie gift exchange.

My granddaughter Rylan hard at work!

Decorating these cookies is a great activity to do with your kids! Make this a yearly tradition and watch your children or grandchildren's skills improve.

My granddaughter Rylan has been decorating cookies with "Auntie M" (Michele) since she was two years old. At seven, she's become a pro and looks forward to Christmas cookie decorating every year.

Now gather your family and start your Christmas cookie baking event!

Here’s what you will need:

NOTE: You can find great deals and a large assortment of Wilton products at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft stores.

  • The sugar cookie recipe we used for the Halloween cookies.

  • Snowflake cookie cutter

  • Christmas Tree cookie cutter

  • Christmas light bulb cookie cutter

  • Wilton Nonpareils Sprinkles

  • Wilton Edible Glitter

  • Buttercream Icing

  • Sugar Glacé Icing (see below)

  • Cookie scribe tool

  • Food coloring

Sugar Glacé Icing


  • 1 lb. confectioners’ sugar

  • 3/8 cup milk

  • 3/8 cup light corn syrup

  • Vanilla bean paste or any extract to taste


  1. Mix the sugar and milk first in a mixer.

  2. Add corn syrup slowly, just until combined.

  3. Divide to flavor and add color.

Decorating Directions

  1. Mix up dough according to instruction.

  2. Roll the dough out into a sheet.

  3. Cut out Snowflakes, Christmas light bulbs and Christmas trees.

  4. Follow instructions for baking your cookies.

  5. Now watch the video below for hands on instruction decorating for the Snowflake and the Christmas light bulb cookies.

This next video shows you how to decorate the Christmas tree.

Once you have iced the Christmas tree, get creative. Use multi-colored sprinkles to adorn the trees with

holiday decor and edible white glitter to dust the

trees with snow.

Are you ready to take your decorating to the next level?

Check out the trailer below!

The 12 Days of Cookies with Susan Carberry


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