Pink lemonade is a sure sign summer is just around the corner! Whether you serve it cold over ice or in a cocktail, this refreshing drink hits the spot any time of the year.

But what about in a yummy dessert? Absolutely!! Our Pink Lemonade cookies are easy and delicious.

These cookies are quick to make because they use boxed cake mixes. The pink comes from a strawberry cake mix and the yellow comes from a yellow cake mix. We add lemon and strawberry bakery emulsions for the right flavor combo of lemon and strawberry.

Let's get to what it takes to make these delightfully sweet and tart cookies!

The Ingredients

  • Strawberry Cake Mix

  • Yellow Cake Mix

  • Eggs

  • Vegetable oil

  • Lemon juice and zest

  • Lemon bakery emulsion

  • Strawberry bakery emulsion

  • Powdered sugar for dusting

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Billie here with Epicurean Delights! So I was sitting here the other night thinking about how yummy Southern fried chicken would taste!

With social distancing in place, it's just not possible to dine in at a restaurant and sit and enjoy an order of crunchy deliciousness. So I thought, why not make my own?

And then I thought (as I always do!) why not create a better for you recipe and make it without all that deep frying.

Boom! Here is my very own Southern oven-not-fried chicken! I'll step you through the process and you can go to the Southern Oven Fried Chicken recipe for the full list of ingredients.

The Marinade

I used buttermilk as the base for my marinade. Why buttermilk you ask?

The enzymes present in buttermilk help to break down the protein in the chicken and this results in tender, flavorful oven-not-fried chicken. Marinading overnight is ideal, however, you can still get good results if you marinate a couple of hours.

I add fresh minced garlic and fresh chopped basil. You can get creative and add your favorite spices in here as well. Spice it up with a good dose of hot sauce or add some onion powder to the mix.

The Coating

I used Kodiak buttermilk pancake mix as the base for my coating. If you have Bisquick, Krusteaz or another brand, give it a go!

I add my favorite spices and dredge the chicken in it, place it in a large baking pan, then spray with avocado cooking spray.

The Bake

Cook your chicken at 425 degrees.

After about 20 minutes, give it another coat of cooking spray and cook to 165 degrees.

Don't flip the chicken ... the coating on skinless breasts will fall off if you move it around too much. Leave it right side up and the bottom cooks to a crispy brown!

The Eat!

These chicken strips are super tender and full of flavor.

Serve with your favorite dipping sauce!

Go to the Southern Oven Fried Chicken page for the recipe.


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Billie here with Epicurean Delights! Nothing says Tuesday like a taco bar and delicious side dishes!

My taco filling is different every time. If I have ground beef, that's my first choice. Ground turkey is a close second, but either way, I doctor it with what ever spices and secret ingredients I have on hand.

Beefin' up the Beef

There are a ton of package seasoning mixes available. My favorite? Ortega in the value size bottle! This taco seasoning is perfect -- not because it's a steal of a deal -- it doesn't contain all that thickening stuff so the meat is full of spices and flavor.

I also add some ketchup in the mix. And a heaping tablespoon of salsa. Mix it all together and you got a big dose of yum.

My favorite topper is Trader Joe's corn salsa. It's sweet with a kick and great on top of your taco.

Taco Bar Musts

Every taco bar must have guacamole! Our delicious guacamole recipe is super easy.

Adding tortilla chips allows for building a tasty taco salad.

Fill your bar with a variety of fresh veggies like lettuce, tomatoes, and diced onions.

Cheese for me, is an absolute add in my taco bar! I like shredded sharp cheddar, store bought Mexican cheese blend, and crumbled bits of cotija or queso fresco cheese.

Sour cream? Yes! I love Mexican sour cream because it's extra creamy!

Side Dishes

I love Mexican style rice. Our recipe will become a staple in your taco bar. Go to Epicurean Delights for the full recipe!

Homestyle refried beans are a must in my taco bar! Try our recipe and make them from scratch!

Let us know what your favorite taco bar items are!! Post a comment and share your pictures.

Happy Taco Tuesday!

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