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Zoom Class: Sweet & Savory Charcuterie Boards

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Zoom Class Details

Class Date: February 20, 2021

Class Time: 10:00 am to 1:00 pm PST

Session(s): 1 Saturday

We'll create a charcuterie board that is both sweet and savory. Customize your delicacies to give them an elegant and individual look. You'll receive class recipes, access to videos on making themed charcuterie boards and the video recording of the class. Each class is a password-protected Zoom session and you’ll receive an email directly from the instructor with a session ID and password 30 minutes prior to your class.


Pre-Class Prep Videos
  • Videos are posted the Thursday before the class date.

Class Playback Videos
  • Playback Videos Posting After Live Class

Frequently Asked Questions

Birthday Party with Ice Cream
FAQ: What does the class cover?

Most classes have a free preview video. This will give you an idea about the class and what you will be creating. In addition, the video preview page includes a class curriculum with lessons, topics covered and video lengths.

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