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Kid's Floral Pie Crust Project

20 mins

1 Pie

What you are creating

Who doesn't love a good pie? Even better with this fun decorative crust made by our our resident Jr. Chef Rylan. The decorative floral pie crust is easy to make, kid friendly, kid tested, and a wonderful family project. Follow Rylan's process below and enjoy!


Take your rolled out pie dough and use a flower cutter of your choice to cut out flowers.

A 9" round disk of pie dough was used for this project, and using a 1.5" flower cutter, yielded enough flowers to cover the whole pie and extra to bake up for the middle flowers and to enjoy for a snack! :)

The process is simple, slightly over lap the flowers as your work your way around the crust. Give each flower a light push in the center of the petal to ensure the adhere to each other. We opted not to egg wash our flowers as we were staying egg free, but you certainly brush each flower with and egg wash.


Supplies Needed:

  • Pie dough (homemade or store bought, rolled out)

  • Pie filling of your choice

  • Any type of flower shaped cookie or fondant cutter

  • Ball tool

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