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Fantasy Frog Cake

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Class Details

Take a journey into the forest where mushrooms are edible and frogs have wings. Our whimsical Froggy Cake video series brings the forest to life, a smile to your face and a delicious centerpiece for your next big celebration!

  • Lesson 1: Structure (6:03 minutes)

  • Lesson 2: Fondant (14:47 minutes)

  • Lesson 3: Cake Carving (7:06 minutes)

  • Lesson 4: Texture (6:53 minutes)

  • Lesson 5: Painting (7:58 minutes)

  • Lesson 6: Mushroom (14:17 minutes)

  • Lesson 7: Frog House (17:21 minutes)

  • Lesson 8: House Details (7:28 minutes)

  • Lesson 9: Embellishments (14:12 minutes)

  • Lesson 10: Flowers (4:59 minutes)

  • Lesson 11: The Frog (20:05 minutes)

  • Lesson 12: Painting (7:63 minutes)

  • Lesson 13: Gelatin Wings (6:15 minutes)

  • Lesson 14: Wrap Up (7:10 minutes)

Susan Carberry is your instructor for the Fantasy Frog cake series.

Throughout her career, Susan’s "Edible Works of Art" have been featured in magazines and won her numerous awards.

She competed in the TLC channel's Ultimate Cake Off several times, and won the Grand Prize in The Roller Derby episode.

Susan owns The Cake Cottage in Murrieta, California where she continues to create amazing custom cakes for her clients.

Recipes Included:

Supply Items Needed:

Equipment and supply list provided on the class page.

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