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Try Our Banana Pull Apart Bread

There is nothing more delicious than my banana pull apart bread, great for breakfast or dessert.

Banana Pull Apart Bread

Maybe I love making bread so much because of my Grandma. She use to bake up homemade sliced bread, yeast rolls, buttermilk biscuits, zucchini chocolate bread and her delicious cinnamon rolls.

One of my fondest memories with Grandma was when she came to my elementary school. I must of been in 2nd or 3rd grade. She had packed a picnic lunch for us to enjoy on the playground during lunch time.

Our picnic consisted of her tuna fish sandwiches on thick slices of her homemade sourdough bread. For dessert we munched on her famous chocolate chip cookies. Each year on the anniversary of her passing, I have that exact picnic. I sit in my backyard on the first day of spring (that's when she passed) and think about my sweet Grandma and all the wonderful things she made that continue to inspire me in the kitchen today.

In fact, her banana bread and cinnamon rolls were the inspiration for this recipe. It combines the deliciousness of a banana infused dough with the classic cinnamon and sugar you find in a traditional cinnamon roll, but I amped it up with the addition of a generous layer of caramel sauce. It's similar to monkey bread in that you pull it apart to eat it. Its relatively easily to make, is perfect for entertaining, and is finger licking good!

Check out the recipe and video for making this delicious treat!


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