Try Our Banana Cream Pie!

Baking is a release for me and now, more than ever, my mind goes to those recipes that provide comfort, nourish the spirits and bring a smile to my family and friends.

I'm always surprised when I bring an apple and  banana cream pie to a gathering. 

The banana cream pie is all gone even before two slices of apple have disappeared from its plate!

And that is when I discovered that banana cream pie is a forgotten favorite.

Banana Cream Pie

My cream filling is homemade and super easy to make. 

I use half and half and vanilla bean paste and butter. These ingredients give it a rich, creamy texture and the vanilla bean provides an amazing richness.

I top my pie with meringue and generous slices of fresh bananas and vanilla wafers. And yes, it tastes as good as it looks! A tasty alternative to the meringue is fresh whipped cream.

You can find then complete recipe for my Banana Cream Pie on our website:

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