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Jazzed up Broccoli Salad

Our updated version of a classic will have you licking the bowl clean!

Summer, summer, summer time! My favorite time of the year! The weather is warm, daylight is longer and dinner is spent eating outdoors on the patio. It's also when most backyard bbq's happen and the side dishes become just as important as the main dishes.

That's why I love this recipe for broccoli salad. It's another one of those family recipes that started with my Grandma and was passed down to my mom who slightly modified Grandma's version with a swap out on the raisins for Craisins and pumpkin seeds for the sunflower seeds. Then of course there is that deliciously tangy dressing that just balances out that fresh broccoli with the sweet yet slightly tangy dressing.

The dressing can also be used to make coleslaw. My Aunt use to make a delicious coleslaw salad that had chicken and uncooked Top Ramen noodles in it. It was so good and I bet this dressing would be fantastic with that type of salad too. Just make sure you make your dressing the day before so it can setup in the fridge and all those delicious flavors can really blend.

The other thing I love about this recipe is how fresh it is because it contains raw broccoli. And...we don’t waste the stalks! We peel and chop them and add them to the salad to give it added flavor and texture. The crunchiness from the broccoli, seeds and the bacon makes for the perfect summer salad.

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