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It's Taco Tuesday!!

Billie here with Epicurean Delights! Nothing says Tuesday like a taco bar and delicious side dishes!

My taco filling is different every time. If I have ground beef, that's my first choice. Ground turkey is a close second, but either way, I doctor it with what ever spices and secret ingredients I have on hand.

Beefin' up the Beef

There are a ton of package seasoning mixes available. My favorite? Ortega in the value size bottle! This taco seasoning is perfect -- not because it's a steal of a deal -- it doesn't contain all that thickening stuff so the meat is full of spices and flavor.

I also add some ketchup in the mix. And a heaping tablespoon of salsa. Mix it all together and you got a big dose of yum.

My favorite topper is Trader Joe's corn salsa. It's sweet with a kick and great on top of your taco.

Taco Bar Musts

Every taco bar must have guacamole! Our delicious guacamole recipe is super easy.

Adding tortilla chips allows for building a tasty taco salad.

Fill your bar with a variety of fresh veggies like lettuce, tomatoes, and diced onions.

Cheese for me, is an absolute add in my taco bar! I like shredded sharp cheddar, store bought Mexican cheese blend, and crumbled bits of cotija or queso fresco cheese.

Sour cream? Yes! I love Mexican sour cream because it's extra creamy!

Side Dishes

I love Mexican style rice. Our recipe will become a staple in your taco bar. Go to Epicurean Delights for the full recipe!

Homestyle refried beans are a must in my taco bar! Try our recipe and make them from scratch!

Let us know what your favorite taco bar items are!! Post a comment and share your pictures.

Happy Taco Tuesday!


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