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Fun 4th of July Cake

With July 4th just around the corner, it's time to remember and celebrate our country's independence. What better way to do that than with a celebratory cake! Even better cutting into the layers of the delicious cake and reveling an explosion of colors!

When you cut into each layer of this cake, it explodes with color, just like the fireworks that grace the skies on the Fourth of July!

To achieve this look on the inside of your cake it's easy!

Simply take out some of your batter and divide it into two cups. Color one with red gel coloring (such as AmeriColor) and the other with blue gel coloring. Next fill your cake pan with your regular batter. Then add droplets of the red and blue batter randomly through out your cake. Using a tooth pick simply swirl thru the droplets creating a random burst of color patter. Bake and your done!

We used Swiss Meringue Buttercream for the icing of the cake and modeling chocolate to create all the fun embellishments. The pinwheels were created using one of our wafer paper designer prints along with one of the pinwheel templates you can find in our edible fabric kit. We pulled it all together using some fun paper straws to support our pinwheels and made modeling chocolate stars on floral wire, dipped the wire in white coating chocolate to coat the wires before placing them in the cake. It's always import to coat your wires with a barrier such as chocolate as it's a food "no, no" to stick uncoated wires directly into a cake. You want to make them food safe and dipping them in chocolate, and letting it harden before inserting into your cake is a good way. You could also use floral tubes made for cakes and rather than sticking flowers into them, you simply insert your wired stars.

Additional items used to make the decorations can be found at your local craft stores, such as JoAnn Fabrics or Michael's Craft Store. We've also included links for quick online ordering to ensure you get the right items.

For complete instruction go to the 4th of July project page.


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