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Fiesta Corn Salad

This salad's lime and fresh corn are so tasty you will want to eat the whole bowl!

When its hot out, I try to use my grill as much as possible. I don't have central air conditioning, so cooking outside helps keep the temperature down in the house!

This salad requires little cooking and can be tossed together in a jiffy! The Cojita cheese is the star of this salad. If you've never had Cojita cheese before, its salty and crumbly and really enhances a savory dish. It's similar to feta in that its a robust, strong-flavored aged cheese, with a dry, salty and notorious granular texture. It's made from cow's milk and is an artisan cheese.

If you can't find Cojita look for Queso Cincho. It is sometimes labeled differently, depending on where you are located. I use Cacique brand Cojita cheese. It's great crumbled over salads and I use it regularly on tacos, and on my cilantro lime corn. Keep in mind that it doesn't melt, so it's really a garnishing cheese.

The corn is the other star of the show. I use fresh corn on the cob. It takes a little longer to make because you have to prepare the corn but it's worth the extra work because the freshness of the corn shines through.

For step by step instructions for making this delicious salad, visit the video recipe page: Fiesta Corn Salad Video Recipe

You will also be able to download the recipe card from the video page.


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