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Easy Summer Salad Recipe

My basil bow-tie pasta is perfect for cook-outs, serving as dinner side, or enjoying as full meal on it's own.

Summer salads are my favorite way to take the stress out of cooking especially when the weather gets warmer. In season herbs jazz up any salad including my basil bow-tie pasta salad.

You can make the pasta ahead of time and make a couple different variations of this salad to stretch out over a couple of days. It's great with grilled shrimp or you can even grill chicken or even better grab a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store and make it semi-homemade.

In the winter time I like to serve this warm as a side dish to oven roasted chicken. You can play around with the herbs and even swap the Caesar dressing out for another type for a tasty twist. Whichever route you go you can't go wrong with this quick and easy favorite.

Click here for the full recipe for our Basil Bow-Tie Pasta.


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