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4 Easy Ways to Create Fun Easter Cakes

As a kid I remember fondly the Bunny cakes my mom would make. Growing up the budget was tight but Mom always found a way to make every holiday special. Easter was no exception. Hand sewn Easter dresses, Easter bonnets and fun treats could always be found in my basket. But it was the bunny face cake that was a tradition in our family handed down to mom by my Grandma, that I looked forward to. It was always special.

Sure times have changed, but bunny cakes have always remained a tradition. Mom and I decided to team up to bring you 4 bunny/easter cakes from over the years along with todays drip cake trend. You decide which one is the best for you to re-create. Just be sure to get your family and kids involved as any of these cakes are fun to create with the whole family! And ALL of these are kid friendly, so grab your aspiring junior chefs and hop to it!

A quick over view and visual guide for each cake is below. You can also find full length videos for each cake in the Video Course section of the website.


1. The Rustic Semi-Homemade Bunny Cake

First up the one I remember so clearly at the age of 5. The bunny face cake decked out in tons of coconut flakes, complete with a bow time. Sure, its super rustic homemade, but that's what makes it so brilliantly easy and equally delicious. Plus it was handed down to Mom from my Grandma, so it's a tradition and you can't argue with traditions. We've created a semi-homemade version for those of you in a rush and needing to use a box mix. We did doctor up the mix by replacing the oil with melted butter, the water with chocolate milk and a good splash of vanilla! Full length video in the Video Course section of the website.

Rustic Bunny Cake Using (2) 8" Rounds

Here's what you will need to complete this project:

  • (2) 8" round cakes flavor of your choice

  • 6 cups of the buttercream of your choice

  • 1 bag of flaked coconut

  • Candy melts for eyes, whiskers, mouth and brows

  • Pink gel coloring

  • Foam core board



2. The Grocery Store Production Bunny Cake

The production bunny cake Mom use to make when she was a production cake decorating, is simple to make and only requires the use of (1) 8" round. Anyone who is a production decorator can empathize with making hundreds of these cakes during the Easter rush! Mom, would pop on a plastic face and ears back then, (from the Lucks Food Decorating company, who still today supplies the large grocery in-store bakeries with the pre-made face kits), today we wanted to give this little production bunny a slight update with wafer paper ears, chocolate whiskers and isomalt eyes. Those eyes remind me of Gizmo from the 1984 fantasy/horror classic "Gremlins". This little bunnies eyes are creepy cute!

Full length video in the Video Course section of the website.

Here's what you will need to complete this project:

  • (1) 8" round cakes flavor of your choice

  • 6 cups of the buttercream of your choice

  • 1 M cake decorating tip

  • 1/2 bag of flaked coconut colored green

  • Candy melts for whiskers, mouth, nose and tail

  • Pink gel coloring

  • Green gel coloring

  • Wafer paper

  • 8" or 9" cake board round

  • Cake Play isomalt, silicone eye ball mold and eyes printed on a frosting sheet

  • Speckled candy eggs of your choice

The Process:


3. The Wilton Method Bunny Cake

The Wilton Method Bunny Cake

Next up the Easter bunny face cake made with a specialty bunny pan from everyone's favorite cake decorating company, Wilton. We picked this pan up at our local party store but you can find it at most Michaels, JoAnne's or Hobby Lobby craft stores. We used the basic star pattern you learn on day one in any Wilton Method of Cake Decorating class. My niece is our budding cake artist and with her feedback we felt that anyone else with a child wanting to decorate could easily replicate this cake using the star technique! And P.S. to all the Mom's out there.....this will keep your child busy for a good half hour making stars...just sayin! :)

Full length video in the Video Course section of the website.

Here's what you will need to complete this project:

  • (1) Bunny cake baked up using the Wilton Bunny Pan

  • 6 cups of the buttercream of your choice colors pink, blue and black.

  • The following cake decorating tips: #3, #8, #21, #22

  • Pink Colored Icing

  • Blue Colored Icing

  • Black Gel Coloring

  • Gelatin based edible glitter

  • Foam core board cut down for cake.

The Process:


4. The Ever Popular: Water Ganache Drip Easter Cake

Water Ganache Easter Drip Cake

And finally, we bring you our easter bunny treat cake. Treat cakes are trending right now so we thought hey, way not replace this years easter basket with a treat cake?! We did a fun pink water ganache using Wilton Candy melts colored with Artisan Accents Pinkalicious gel coloring and topped it with a fun marshmallow bunny medley lollipop, some French macarons, shortbread egg shaped cookies, animal cookies, designer cocoa butter chocolate egg halves and some pealized pink sixletts, because who doesn't like sixletts?! We especially love how we were able to stripe the cake with the water ganache. The perfect quick and easy dessert you can make using mostly store bought items. The chocolates were the only thing we handmade the rest we were able to find at the local grocery store and we bought the French Macarons at Costco! Yep, Costco sells French Macarons in the refrigerated section of the warehouse and they are actually made in Paris and pretty tasty! The chocolates we will be showing you how to make in an upcoming video tutorial, use the "Stay Connect" form at the bottom of this page to get updates on newly released tutorials. Tutorials are published on "Tutorial Thursday", yes that means every Thursday you can find new how-to's on our website!

Full length video in the Video Course section of the website.

Here's what you will need to complete this project:

  • (2) 8" rounds, filled and iced with your buttercream of choice, placed on a serving stand or platter

  • The 1M cake decorating tip also known as a cupcake swirl tip

  • Pink Gel Coloring

  • 6 ounces of candy coating (see video for ganache recipe and how-to)

  • Festive easter or spring edible decorations from the grocery store. Dollar Tree is also a great place to go to grab a variety of candy and usually have a seasonal section with holiday specific candy in it.

The Process:

We would love to see your creations! Be sure to use #epicureandelights when posting your pictures on social media!

- Happy Caking and Happy Easter!


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