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Caramel Filling

10 mins

2 cups

What you are creating

Whipped caramel filling is a versatile and decadent addition to a variety of desserts, elevating them with its creamy texture and rich, sweet flavor. This luscious filling can be used to add a luxurious layer to cakes, transforming an ordinary sponge into a sumptuous treat. It's also perfect for piping into cupcakes, offering a gooey surprise with each bite. For those who enjoy crafting elegant pastries, whipped caramel filling can be used as a delightful filling for macarons, éclairs, and tarts, adding a sophisticated twist. Additionally, it can serve as a flavorful topping for ice creams and sundaes, or even be swirled into brownies and bars for a moist, caramel-infused bake. The possibilities are endless, allowing bakers to experiment and impress with this delectable concoction.


  1. Add melted (yet cooled to 80 degress) caramel to mixing bowl. Make sure the caramel isn't so hot that it will complete melt the buttercream turing it into a soupy mess.

  2. Whip caramel on medium in mixing bowl.

  3. Add in the buttercream and whip until combined.

  4. You can now enjoy it as a filling in cake, cupcakes and other treats. Enjoy!

  • 1 cup melted cooled caramel

  • A half to 1 cup of Swiss meringue buttercream 

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