Isomalt Fall Grapes and Pumpkins

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Class Curriculum

Learn to create realistic grapes and leaves using Isomalt. Certified Master Sugar Artist, Peggy Tucker will take you through working with this fun medium to create glass like edible art.


 Reminiscent of the late fall grapes that are picked just after the first frost, this inspiration piece will have guests thinking you picked them right from the vineyard. Even if this is your first time using Isomalt you will be stunned by what you are able to create with this versatile medium.


Techniques you will learn:

  • How to heat, color and pour Isomalt

  • How to work with silicone veiners

  • How to shape warm Isomalt

  • How to pull sugar to create leaves and tendrils for your pumpkin

  • How to create a sugar arrangement for you platters or as a cake topper or candy display for a fall party!


Lesson 1: Gumpaste Grapes

Lesson 2: Using Isomalt Nibs & Safety

Lesson 3: Dusting the Grapes

Lesson 4: Dipping the Grapes

Lesson 5: Creating Leaves

Lesson 6: Creating Clusters

Lesson 7: Pumpkin Body

Lesson 8: Assembling the Pumpkin

Videos in Series: 9

Meet Your Instructor!

Peggy Tucker is an award-winning Certified Master Sugar Artist, one of only 32 in the world and is internationally known. She teaches, demonstrates and judges all over the world and is the owner of School of Cakeology and CakePlayInc.

For over 20 years, she has been sharing her love and passion for the sugar arts by teaching classes, judging competitions, volunteering at multiple charity events, culinary schools and collaborating with companies to develop and bring new products to the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

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FAQ: What's the class cover?

Most classes have a free preview video. This will give you an idea about the class and what you will be creating. In addition, the video preview page includes a class curriculum with lessons, topics covered and video lengths.

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