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Rustic Chic Framed Cookies

Rustic Shabby Chic Wafer Paper Frame Cookie
Learn to make this rustic Shabby Chic wafer paper framed cookie!

I love experimenting with mediums. Recently I created a collection of Rustic Chic cookies using some of the new edible wafer paper designs you will find soon in the Epicurean Delights online shop.

I choose to use a shabby chic color palette of mint greens and pinks. The patterns all coordinate with each other and I linked them all together by adorning the cookies with a shabby chic rose. 

I really wanted to give these cookies an aged looked and this was accomplished by using a brown petal and pearl luster dust to "dirty" up the edges. I prefer to use colors from The SugarArt. I get great coverage with their colors and when I want a serious punch of color there products are always my go to!

Below you will find step by step instructions on how to create the oval frame cookie!

Wafer papaer cookies
Creating an Oval Frame Wafer Paper Cookie

Rustic Wafer paper cookies
Add the finishing touches to your Rustic Chic Wafer paper cookies!


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