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Make a Valentine Cake just like a Pro!

With the season of Love just around the corner, now is the time to get your creative on and make professional looking Valentine's Day cakes to share with your favorite Valentine!

I know all about the importance of Valentine's Day cakes -- they are in my family's DNA. When my three sisters and I were in grade school, Mom baked individual cakes for every kid in each of our classes. She used these cute little heart shaped cake pans and somehow managed to bake a boat load of little cakes to bring to our grade school for our Valentine's Day party.

When Michele was in grade school, I did the same thing, because hey, my mom was Super Mom -- and I wanted to be too!

You don't have to be Super Mom to make our featured Valentine's Day cakes. And you won't need a special heart shaped cake pan either!

Our featured video, Create a Valentine's Day Heart Cake, shows you how to create heart shaped cakes using cookie cutters instead of pans. You will learn how to cover your cakes with fondant and add festive decorations made with fondant cutters.

Some tips on fondant cutters:

There are many brands out there! Tappits Frill Edge Alphabet cutters are used in the video. Wilton also has a 40 piece fondant alphabet cutter kit as well.

You can use small cookie cutters for your embellishments. The Wilton Nesting Heart cutters can be used for the heart shaped design. There are tons of options for designs not just for Valentine's, but for every holiday as well. Check out Jo-Anns Fabrics, Walmart or Michaels. Or just Google 'fondant cutters'.😊

Gather your gear and round up the kids, grand kids and even your next door neighbor! This fun project is sure to satisfy everyone's inner creative baker!


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