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Easy to make Halloween Charcuterie Board!

Nothing says Halloween like a charcuterie board filled with sweet treats! While most charcuterie boards are filled with savory tidbits, our board contains a nice assortment of sweet and savory goodies that will be a big hit at your Halloween get together.

Take our FREE class and learn how to create tasty kid-friendly treats for the whole family. Gather the kids and learn how to:

  • Color your melting chocolate and get it ready for dipping

  • Make candy corn cookies

  • Create fun treats out of pretzels

  • Make spooky ghost chips

  • Make Mummy and Frankenstein on a stick treats

  • Dip strawberries

  • Assemble your Halloween charcuterie board

You can find the complete how-to on our Halloween charcuterie board project page!

Happy Halloween!!


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