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Epicurean Delights DIY Thanksgiving Table

Today’s blog is dedicated to family, the traditional Thanksgiving feast and decorating the holiday table.

The Thanksgiving table setting is as important as the day itself. You want a simple, yet elegant décor, with name tags strategically placed for each unpredictable member of your family, as well as for your supportive friends.

Let’s talk hypothetical family for a minute. And to my real family: rest assured these personas are works of fiction that I pulled out of my creative left ear.

You have the sister who masquerades as a wine connoisseur (but is really just a wino) who brings a cheap bottle of champagne/ sparkling wine blend. The “oh I’m off carbs” claimer who eats more stuffing than anyone else, and the mother-in-law who has no filter who is happy to point that out. You also invited your left wing BFF who will inevitably collide with your right wing father in a political food-for-thought fight. All of these dearly beloved relatives and friends can spell disaster at the dinner table.

I can’t provide a bulletproof way to provide peace in your family gathering this Thanksgiving. I can, however, provide you with an easy to make Epicurean Delights table-scape that will offer a warm fall feel to your Thanksgiving table, and one you can re-use next year.

My daughter Michele, cleverly used Cake Flower Spikes by Wilton to hold the flowers. This made it easier to insert into the hay bales due to the point on the end of each spike. She's always looking for ways to use things she already has laying around that may not even have been intended for what she ultimately uses it for.

Supplies: For those of you who are Amazon prime members, we have linked the supplies below to our Amazon store. Happy shopping!

Thanksgiving Table Décor

  • Decorative bale of hay

  • Fall leaves

  • Ornamental corn on the cob

  • Fall table runner

  • Assortment of fresh Fall flowers (You can also use dried or silk flowers)

  • Fresh greenery (leaves)

  • Wilton Flower Spikes

  • Fresh pumpkins, medium to small

  • Fresh gourds, multi-color

  • Vases for flowers

  • Glue gun


  1. Trim the flowers and greenery, allowing for a 6-8 inch stem.

  2. Place the individual flowers into the Wilton Flower Spikes with a little bit of water in each one to keep your flowers fresh.

  3. Repeat step 2 for the fresh greenery.

4. Insert the flowers and greenery into the bale of hay.

5. Use the glue gun to attach fall leaves to the base of the bale of hay.

6. Repeat this for as many bales of hay you wish to have on your table runner.

6. Take the remaining flowers and greenery and place in small vases and arrange on the table.

7. Arrange the pumpkins, gourds and ornamental corn along the table runner.

8. Scatter fall leaves on the runner.

Now is the time to get creative! Add candles, your favorite fall decorations and let your imagination go wild. The table-scape you create can span multiple tables. It can be big enough to keep those unpredictable family members separated so you all can have an Epic Delights Thanksgiving experience!


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