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April Showers bring May flowers & cookies!

April showers bring May flowers and cookies! Hard to believe May officially begins this weekend! Time to start getting the garden ready but first let’s making cookies!

These cookies were inspired by the countless hours I spent in the garden as a little girl with my Mom and my grandma! Grandma always had a way of making weed pulling fun!

The little worm, a nod to her in so many ways...she was an early riser (early bird gets the worm, Michele!), she loved the feeling of the earth in her hands, rich and full of the “good worms” as she would remind me. Or when I complained as a restless 6 year old on one of our 3 hour summer vacation drives, with her and my Mom, she’d immediately break out into song and sing me the worm 🐛 song. 😂 Oh how I miss that lady! Her smile, her laughter and her ability to make the not so fun...absolutely amazing!

We still have some room in our Zoom class this weekend, where I will teach you all the techniques used to make these cookies. My prep videos will walk you through making the no spread sugar cookies and the meringue powder based icing. Click here to sign up now!

Looking forward to zooming this weekend with my students!


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