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A Twist to Traditional Pumpkin Pie!

My mom loves everything pumpkin! Muffins, pies, breads, you name it, and she’s made it. ​ Her pumpkin cobbler is a great twist on the traditional pumpkin pie. It's a recipe she adapted-- or doctored -- as she calls it, from a recipe a friend had given her.

Back in the day, taking a cake mix and turning it into something else was all the rage. Mom made cookies, pound cake, and even muffins -- all from cake mixes.

Today, she bakes all of her cakes from scratch. However, she loves creating recipes using pancake mix. Her favorite is apple raisin muffins made with Kodiak Buttermilk Flapjack and Waffle Mix.

For her pumpkin cobbler, she sub'd Kodiak mix for the cake mix and upped the spices. The result is a delicious pumpkin bottom with a yummy crust.

If you love using cake mix, never fear. You can use white, yellow or even spice in this recipe. For complete details, go to the Pumpkin Cobbler project page!

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