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4 Zoom Classes not to miss!

Summer weekends with backyard bbq's are just around the corner! In our family, a get together always means a delicious savory dish followed by a delightful dessert. Our upcoming live zoom classes feature some of those good eats! Be sure to sign up early to ensure your seat! Registration is open now!

Here's a run down of class dates, times and what's cooking!

CHICAGO STYLE PIZZA May 22 at 10am PST, Chicago Style Pizza Turn any night into pizza night with Chef Michele's delicious, Chicago style pizza. Michele will show you how to create deep dish pizza using cast iron but you can make it in a cake pan as well. Michele will also show you how to create pizzeria style salad. This is a great class for kids too and this recipe will quickly become a family favorite! Michele even makes it for her family on the grill during the summer months when its too hot to cook in the house! Come join our pizza party! Sign up now!

July 11 at at 2pm PST, Cream Pies Chef Michele will teach you how to make her delicious banana cream pie and blackberry cream pie. You'll also learn how to create fun summer decorations to adorn your pie. These pies are some of her summer staples and have graced many backyard bbq's and parties. In fact her blackberry cream pie was handed down from her Grandmother and she has it for her birthday instead of cake every year. It's so delicious and its not your typical cream pie. Sign up now!

July 25th at 2pm PST, French Macarons Learn how to create delicious French Macarons, not to be confused with coconut macaroons. These cookies are made with almond flour and have a delicate crispy shell and a soft chewy center. You will also be making buttercream and ganache to fill your macarons. You may have a hard time wanting to share these with anyone and that's okay! :) Sign up now!

Aug 8th at 2pm PST, French Tarts

Chef Michele will teach you how to make delicious tarts, descended from the classic French fruit tart, using Pate Sucree. You'll learn how to prevent the notorious soggy crust, how to make a delicious filling and how to arrange your fruit on top. She'll show you different methods for glazing your fruit to keep it fresh. C'est magnifique! Sign up now!

Whether you're entertaining a small group, or your own family this summer, the recipes you will learn in any of our upcoming zoom class are sure to be a hit!

See you in class!


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