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Isomalt Basics Class

Class Preview: Isomalt Basics
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Isomalt has many uses and is easier to use than regular sugar. In this class we will cover all the basics of using Isomalt.


From safety, to cooking the Isomalt, to pouring it, using it in molds and creating fun abstract sails. Michele will guide you through the basics of using this fun medium to get you started and ready to advance your skills!


She will also walk you through gathering the right equipment and important safety tips.


In Lesson 9, she will pull all your new founds skills together into a cute Pink Lemonade Isomalt cake project.


Wrap up


Raw Isomalt can be purchased from LorAnn Oils. Sign up for their newsletter to get 15% off and use promo code Epic10 to get 10% off future orders!

Frosting sheets, sprinkles and sugar lay-ons can be purchased from the  Epicurean Delights online shop at

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Frequently Asked Questions

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FAQ: What's the class cover?

Most classes have a free preview video. This will give you an idea about the class and what you will be creating. In addition, the video preview page includes a class curriculum with lessons, topics covered and video lengths.