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caramel apples

These crunchy, gooey caramel apples are made with Peter's Caramel, Michele's favorite! This caramel's smooth and creamy texture adds a decadent touch to your finished product and is absolutely delicious!

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How to make Caramel Apples

What you are creating:

Yummy, crunchy, gooey caramel apples.


  • Granny Smith apples

  • Peter's Caramel

  • Chocolate

  • Chopped peanuts

  • Apple sticks

  • Piping bag


  1. Melt the caramel in a double boiler over water.

  2. Once the caramel is smooth, dip the apples.

  3. Let them cool a bit, then roll in nuts.

  4. Spin a layer of melted chocolate over each apple, using a piping bag filled with the chocolate.

Makes Approximately 6 caramel apples.


  • Use colorful sprinkles instead of nuts.

  • Use chopped Pistachio or almonds instead of the peanuts.

  • Use colored candy melts for the spun chocolate.

Caramel Apples

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