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Strawberry Frosé

10 mins


What you are creating

The perfect summer drink! Rose blended with frozen strawberries!


  1. Measure out and set aside 10 ounces wine. Divide remaining wine between 2 ice cube trays and freeze until firm, about 2 hours. 

  2. Add the 10 ounces of wine you set aside, simple syrup, strawberries,, and frozen wine cubes to blender  and blend until smooth, about 1 minute. Scrape blender jar sides down Strawberry Frosé as needed. Pour into chilled wine glasses. Garnish with strawberry slices and serve.

  • 1 (750-ml) bottle rosé wine

  • 3 ounces Simple Syrup

  • 9 ounces (2 cups) frozen strawberries

  • Fresh strawberry slices

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