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Thankful & Grateful

All of us here at Epicurean Delights are thankful and grateful for you!

Happy Thanksgiving!

We appreciate your support throughout the year. Whether you're a member of the site, a zoom class student or come to us through our partner college programs, we like interacting with you and learning from you just as much as we love teaching you! We hope you enjoy good eats and sweet treats this Thanksgiving!

If you are still scrambling for last minute recipes to whip up here are our top 5.

1: Appetizer: Asparagus Wraps

Asparagus Wraps

Phyllo dough wrapped asparagus with brie cheese make a quick and easy appetizer

2: Side Dish: Sage Butternut Squash

Brown Butter Sage Butternut Squash

Brown butter, sage and butternut squash make this a perfect side for your Thanksgiving dinner. We also love it as a side with homemade gnocchi.

Bacon Apple Brussel Sprouts

An autumn medley of roasted Brussel sprouts, apples and crisp bacon make our roasted Brussel sprouts recipe perfect for fall.

Dutch apple pie filled with an apple cider sauce and topped with a crisp and crunchy Dutch topping.

5: Dessert: Pumpkin Cobbler

Our pumpkin cobbler recipe is a great twist on the traditional pumpkin pie.


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