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Putting the Yum in Low Sugar Desserts

Everyone deserves a little sweetness in their life and my Cinnamon Chocolate Blonde Sundae recipe has all the taste with a super low sugar content!

My soul sister Kristen's daughter, Sophie, was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes just over a year ago. This past Christmas I did my usual holiday baking and without even thinking I shipped a big box off goodies off to her.

I woke up in a panic a few nights later when I realized what I'd done and I thought to myself "how in the world could you have sent Kristen a box full of sugar when Sophie has diabetes"?! Bad Aunt, bad Aunt! I'm not one to miss details, especially health details, but in my defense I was in a bit of a fog having just lost my sweet Joe the month before. Baking was a diversion to occupy my mind and darn it, apparently it had worked!

Kristen and I have had many conversations this past year about how difficult it is to regulate Sophie's insulin levels and how it's been a complete lifestyle change for the whole family. So, when Russell Stover reached out to me at the end of May about collaborating for their new sugar free line of baking chips they were planning to launch in July, I got excited. I instantly thought about Sophie and how I could create some delicious low sugar and sugar free recipes she could enjoy!

Since it's summer time and this month happens to be National Ice Cream month, I wanted to do something that involved baked goods and ice cream. So I decided to use their semi-sweet chocolate chips to make a cinnamon spice chocolate chip blonde brownie. My next decision was to use their dark chocolate chips to make an ice cream topping that when it hits the ice cream it gets hard like Magic Shell. I started making my own hard shell topping sometime ago and I was curious to see if it would work with the sugar free chips.

Flavor is super important when you are baking low sugar/sugar free so that's why I decided to add a little cinnamon spice bakery emulsion (from LorAnn Oils) along with Madagascar vanilla to the blonde recipe. The recipe I came up with uses both Splenda brown sugar and Truvia baking blend sugar along with the sugar free chocolate chips from Russell Stover.

The blondies came out nice and moist and have good flavor. They are sweet but not crazy sweet. That's the other part of using sugar substitutes is that if you use the normal amount you'd use in your regular sugar recipes it will be way too sweet. So for example, if you typically use a 3/4 of cup of sugar in your brownie recipe I would recommend using a 1/2 cup of the sugar replacement.

The Magic Shell inspired ice cream topping came out beautifully! It set right up just like my regular hard shell, so two thumbs up to Russell Stover on their new line of baking chips! Top off your sugar free chocolate cinnamon spice blondie with your favorite low sugar/sugar free ice cream and drizzle some of my sugar free hard shell on top and say yum!

As for Sophie, it's summer vacation and Grammy (Kristen's Mom) has been spending time with her and her brother AJ, doing fun projects. I think they will enjoy baking this one together! I know I will be creating more sugar free recipes I can bake up for her this holiday season!

For more information on Russell Stover's Sugar free baking chips please visit:


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