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4 Delicious Butternut Squash Recipes to Try at Home

Sage Butternut Squash Recipe

Winter time is here, and it's the perfect season for some delicious cooking! And what better way to celebrate the season than with some butternut squash recipes? This versatile vegetable is a winter favorite for good reason - it's sweet, nutty, and oh-so-satisfying. This versatile vegetable is not only tasty, but it's also packed with nutrients and vitamins. So let's dive in and explore some butternut squash fun!

First off, let's talk about how easy it is to cook butternut squash. You can roast it, boil it, bake it, or even mash it up. The possibilities are endless! My favorite, roasted butternut squash. This recipe is a classic for a reason - it's simple, easy, and absolutely delicious. Just toss some cubed squash with olive oil, salt, and pepper, and roast in the oven until caramelized and tender. Serve as a side dish or add to salads for an extra burst of flavor and texture.

Next, let's talk soup. Butternut squash soup is a comforting and cozy meal that's perfect for chilly winter evenings. With just a few ingredients - squash, onion, garlic, and broth - you can create a creamy and satisfying soup that's sure to warm you up from the inside out. Top with some croutons or a drizzle of cream for an extra touch of indulgence.

But if you're in the mood for something a bit more hearty, why not try making some butternut squash lasagna? It's a fun twist on a classic dish that's sure to impress. Just layer some roasted butternut squash with lasagna noodles, ricotta cheese, and your favorite tomato sauce. Bake it all up, and you have a delicious and nutritious meal that will satisfy even the pickiest of eaters.

Last but not least, let's get creative with some brown butter sage butternut squash. Cube the squash and sauté it in butter you have let get nice and golden brown butter. add in fresh sage for an earthy flavor. We like to toss ours with homemade gnocchi but regular pasta would be a good choice as well. Trust us, your taste buds will thank you.

So there you have it, some butternut squash recipe fun to spice up your winter cooking.


Get the full recipe for our Brown Butter Sage Butternut Squash Recipe or take the class and learn how to make gnocchi to toss with this delicious winter vegetable!



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