Edible Wafer Paper

Peony Scrapbooking Project

The peony has existed in human forklore for thousands of years. In China, it represents riches, honor and high social status. In the West, the peony symbolizes boldness.

You will be creating this beautiful flower with wafer paper in this project. 

Pre-Prep: You will want to use the dies listed under supplies needed and cut them out ahead of time in wafer paper of your choice. You can use plain white wafer and use the dusts to color it or one of the many patterned or colored options found in our online shop.

How to create a wafer paper peony

Supplies Needed:

You can purchase these products online. There are many scrapbook machines on the market. If you're an avid scrapbooker, you can use the machine you already own.

  • Scrapbook Machine

  • Grand Peony Die Set by Spellbinders

  • Piping Gel

  • Fondant or Modeling Chocolate

  • Ball Tool

  • Wafer Paper

  • Pink Luster Dust & Super Pearl Dust

  • Brush

Creating the Peony

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