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We have since moved our shop to the West Coast and are no longer in North Hampton, NH. To find out the latest and to stay up to date with us please visit our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/epicdelights.


About Us - The Cliffs Notes Version!

Michele Hopps, Owner-Epicurean DelightsGreetings! I'm Michele the Founder, Artist & Instructor of all things confectionery here at Epicurean Delights! I'm a fourth generation baker, second generation cake decorator and a Wilton Method Instructor. Some of my best childhood memories were created in the kitchen.

My Grandma use to make the most incredible pies, chocolate chip cookies and snickerdoodles. Like my Grandma, my mother was a baker and expanded her talents to the art of cake decorating. Today, I not only make those same delicious treats for my family and friends, I teach others how to make them for their loved ones.Already a baking pro at 7!

I opened The Epicurean Delights Studio in April of 2011 with two goals in mind. The first goal was to make education not only in the latest trends but also by top artists easily accessible to students. Having to travel great distances for education is costly. Bringing the talent and trends closer to home makes it affordable. The second was to bring specialty, high quality cake, sugar art and candy making supplies to the Seacoast. I knew that if I was having trouble finding specialty items for my baking and confectionery art, others were as well.

1st Place Connecticut Cake Comp- Special OccasionsBaking and decorating is an art. One that allows you to be creative. For me, it's my passion. I love the way a cake smells baking in the oven. I love how a cake can be transformed when you pick up a pastry bag and begin piping. The final product is a true epicurean delight!

So if you're looking for a creative outlet, seeking to improve your skills or are in search for that special ingredient to create your epicurean delights, stop by the studio, grab a cup of coffee and spend some time with us.

Happy Caking!


The Full Story- The long version! :)

My first Easy Bake Oven CakeMy creative side comes from my mom, who for many years, was a professional cake decorator. Sometimes after school and during summer breaks I would hang out at the bakery longing to learn all those neat things she did with a frosting bag. Being in a fast paced bakery didn't leave mom much time to teach me and dropping a whole tray of doughnuts on the floor didn't help secure my return visits.One of the many cakes Mom made!

During elementary school Mom made the most amazing treats and individual cakes for all my class parties. I can still remember the individual heart cakes she made my class for Valentine's Day (as do many of my friends today)! Later I was told the hearts were a family tradition handed down from Grandma to Mom.

My big 'break' came in elementary school at the annual Fall Carnival. One of the events was a cake decorating contest and silent auction. I told Mom I really, really wanted to make a cool cake for the competition. I used Mom's Wilton butterfly cake pan and she showed me how to make stars in a rainbow of colors.

Sandy Folsom, Director, The Wilton SchoolIt was a ton of work but I was determined to make the cake look just as perfect as the cakes Mom made! And I did. The carnival was a huge success and my cake won first place and went for $75 in the silent auction (a ton of money way back when!).

Like the butterfly cake, I spread my wings too and as an adult, paved my way asa Marketing guru for a number of high profile companies. Not decorating cakes, all though I continued to love baking. In 2009 we relocated to NH for my husband's job and I quit my Marketing Director position and left the Pacific Northwest and finally had the time to focus on my creative side and do the things I didn't have time to do in a corporate career.Deb Friedman, Me, Sandy Folsom

I choose the same path that many successful decorators you see on TV have, I enrolled in the first of many Wilton Method classes (who better than Wilton; the makers of everything cake and confectionery to take the courses from?). I loved every second of it and I was hooked! At one point towards the end of my last Wilton class my teacher asked if I might be interested in becoming an instructor and before I knew it I was interviewing with Wilton and became a Wilton Method Instructor.

Me at the Wilton SchoolWhile teaching the Wilton Method of cake decorating, I furthered my education, by enrolling simultaneously in a Pastry and Baking program with Chez Boucher Culinary School and in Kathleen Lange's Lambeth Boot Camp. I survived the almost 40 hours worth of Lambeth classes packed into four days and received my diploma and soon after completed the Pastry and Baking program with Chez Boucher.

Still wanting more, I enrolled in The Wilton School of Lambeth expert Kathleen Lange and Me with my Lambeth cakeCake Decorating & Confectionary Art in Chicago. While there I completed their Master Course, Fondant Course, Gum Paste Course and Isomalt Course. Soon after graduation I started Epicurean Delights Bakery along with teaching cake decorating and confectionary art classes in the Seacoast area.

Lambeth Boot Camp Grad!I continue to further my education by traveling to classes taught by experts in various techniques. In February 2012, I participated in the Connecticut Cake Competition entering two cakes in different categories. One took first place in the Special Occasions category and the other; 2nd in the Foreign Method category.

I realized along the way that in order to gain experience and knowledge in specialty techniques you had to travel great distances – which can be very costly. So in an effort to bring education for others closer to home in April of 2012 I opened The Epicurean Delights Studio and Retail store in North Hampton. 2nd Place Connecticut Cake Comp- Foreign Method

In 2013 the studio moved to the West Coast, to be closer to family. The studio specializes in cake decorating and confectionery art for professionals, hobbyists and Do-It-Yourselfer's. It is a premier private vocational studio offering education in cake decorating, cookie design, chocolate and sugar art classes for adults and children. Classes are designed for those interested in learning cake decorating and sugar art as well as those looking to further their confectionery education.

We look forward to seeing you in the studio soon!


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